USA Registration

Q: When does online registration open and when does it close?
A: Online registration opens on October 3rd.  Registration will close when the race sells out or at 6pm on March 28th, whichever happens first.  The race is capped at 750 participants.

Q: Are there restrooms on the course?
A: Yes, but they are extremely limited.  The first restroom is located at about mile 5.5 (at Rattlesnake Lake), and the next at mile 10.5.  There are also restrooms at both the start and finish.

Q: I can’t run!  What is your refund/transfer policy?
A: Please view the Orca Running Race Policies here.

Q: Do you offer gear check?
A: Yes!  Bring your own bag and we’ll safely (and dryly) store it while you run.

Q: How can I verify that I am signed up?
A: You should have received a confirmation email when you signed up.  You can also check your credit/debit card statement, or email us to verify.

Q: How does the Club Challenge work?
A: GREAT QUESTION!  Read more about that under the “Club Challenge” section of the Race Info page.

Q: Is there a course time limit?
A: Yes!  The time limit is 1:00pm for all courses.  The time limit is in consideration of our hard working volunteers, as well as the safety of participants.

Q: Are dogs allowed in the race?
A: The liability insurance for the race through USA Track and Field does not cover dogs, so please leave your four-legged running companions at home for this one.

Q: Are running strollers allowed?
A: Yes! Please be considerate of other runners when participating with a stroller.

Q: Can minors participate in this race?
A: Yes, kids can participate.  However, their parent or legal guardian must sign them up.